Hello, friend! I'm Rachel. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a Californian, introvert (INFJ), entrepreneur, fast friend, & lover of the written word.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me, allowing me to fold experience and emotion into clean, structured sentences. As an introvert, I find great comfort in the quiet process of reflecting and writing. I began this blog toward the end of my high school years, when a friend jokingly called me "The Little English Girl" after my unbridled enthusiasm for English class. I had been searching for a creative outlet, so the name stuck, and the blog began. And now, six years later, this blog is still my place for reflection.

I recently graduated magna cum laude from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in English (emphasis in Medieval Literature) and a minor in Religious Studies. While academia has always been my primary consuming interest, entrepreneurship is a close second. Throughout college, I worked as a videographer and voiceover artist for several startups and nonprofits. I quickly fell in love with startup culture, design thinking, and visual storytelling, all of which led to a position as Cofounder and Creative at a wedding-planning startup called gatherologie (see my design portfolio here). I now spend my days writing lengthy literature guides (which makes my past, English-major self very happy) and taking copious notes on search engine optimization. 

I love golden hour, denim-on-denim, witty banter, the sea, and my golden retriever named Whiskey. I'm deeply passionate about religious pluralism, with a specific interest in how alternative and world religions unfold alongside one another on the California Coast. 




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