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Hello, friend! I'm Rachel. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a Californian, fast friend, creative type, & lover of the written word.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me, allowing me to fold experience and emotion into clean, structured sentences. As an introvert, I find great comfort in the quiet process of reflecting and writing. I began this blog toward the end of my high school years, when a friend jokingly called me "The Little English Girl" after my unbridled enthusiasm for English class. I had been searching for a creative outlet, so the name stuck, and the blog began. And now, eight years later, this blog is still my place for reflection, even if under a different name. My consuming interests include Arthurian literature, denim-on-denim, witty banter, West Coast surf culture, and my mischievous little puppy named Scout. I'm also passionate about religious pluralism, with a specific interest in how alternative and major world religions unfold alongside one another on the California Coast. When I’m not poring over nonfiction books or roaming through the countryside in search of wildflowers, you can find me editing for clarity and content in the academic publishing field and making quirky digital illustrations.


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