Dawn and Dusk

I am most productive within the fleeting span of a few hours each day.

Something about dawn and dusk fascinate me; they ignite my mind with creative energy and recharge me with a newfound abundance of focus. I love the feeling in the morning when the world is still sleeping, and I finally feel peacefully alone for a few hours. The World is holding her breath as I quietly make my cup of tea (Good Earth: original). The World sleeps as I run, swim, walk and stretch. The World rests her eyes as I shower and organize my room, preparing for the day ahead. She naps while I open my textbooks, smoothing the pages with my fingers, and perfecting my arrangement of color-ordered highlighters and freshly sharpened pencils. I love the feeling of dusk; the day is coming to a close and yet the night is still young. There’s possibility there—a sort of promise of a perfect night ahead. Watercolors streak across the sky, while cotton candy clouds fade from pink to blue to purple. The sky swirls, as colors squirt together, mingling in the atmosphere. The sky turns to navy ink. I prepare my tea (Celestial Seasons: Sleepytime Vanilla), slide into my fuzzy pants and open my Bible.

Thank you God, for the dawns and dusks.

“The lands of the morning sunrise and evening sunset sing joyfully.” -Psalm 66:8