Bits of Beautiful Language

I adore being a writing major.

Between my Major British Authors and Creative Writing Course (along with Italian, fashion, and statistics), my soul is totally and completely quenched; my mind is dripping with beautiful language. I thought I’d share a few phrases and quotes from lectures and my assigned texts that I found specifically satisfying… Triggering Towns: Richard Hugo

  • “The adhesive force is your way of writing, not sensible connection.”
  • “The poet’s relation to the triggering subject must be weaker than his relation to his words.”
  • “You owe reality nothing and the truth about your feelings everything.”
  • “The starting point is fixed to give the mind an operating base, and the mind expands from there.”
  • “A poem seldom finds room for explanations, motivations, or reason.”
  • “Multisyllabic words have a way of softening the impact of language.”

Bits from lectures:

  • “[Find] bits of language that seem striking to you”
  • “Make art out of words.”
  • “The mission of literature is to play with a sort of playful ambiguity”
  • “Never write about something you can’t betray”