"We Have a Quest Tomorrow"

No matter how eager I may seem to embark on my college journey, there are a small handful of high school quirks that I am reluctant to let go.

I love shiny smiley-face stickers or ink stamps leaving brightly colored phrases like "egg-cellent" or "purrfect" (that only teachers would find comical) on assignments. I'll miss the teachers who allot time to socialize after tests, who allow me to eat my entire lunch in class, and who let me draw on the whiteboard with their extensive supply of Expo markers. I'll miss the teachers who joyfully announce to the class "we have a quest tomorrow," making a somewhat clever mixture of the words quiz and test, while consequently making an exam sound like an adventure. I'll miss cliche yearbook messages signed by friends and acquaintances written in brightly colored jelly pens. I'll miss the pure joy and excitement of realizing the note that was just delivered from the office was for me, and I consequently get to escape a few instructional minutes for some random reason. I might actually miss hall passes, and asking to use the bathroom. I might actually miss school-issued student planners, morning announcements, and assemblies. High school has been my security blanket; it's safe. The repetition of daily routines ensures that my anxiety levels stay low (well...relatively low).

But now here I am, about to dive headfirst into a brand new experience. Now that I have time to stop and think, I realize that before me looms a new school, a new state, and new peers... I must admit, I'm scared!