New York City: Day 1

Day 1 NYC:

Not only is this my first New York experience, it is my first subway experience—a similarly great right of passage for an eager, young traveler. I think perhaps they are equally overwhelming and to put it bluntly in the “most teenage” term possible: sketchy. The city of New York however has many delicious, classy, breathtaking sights and aspects. The subway… not so much. As I’m sitting on my little plastic seat in the corner of the subway car, sandwiched between a woman with no eyebrows and a man who looks like he wants to eat me in one bite, I realize how different Southern California is from it’s polar opposite coastline sister New York. The intercom just reminded passengers to not expose their cell phones (and other electronic devices) and to stay alert. How comforting.

When we get off, we’re forced to exit through the little gates where you push down the bar to walk through, as a new bar emerges behind you. I deem this task possible to do with my large rolling suitcase. Needless to say, this does not end up well.

We emerge from the dark and smelly depths of the subway station. It is hot. As we navigate the streets guiding and guarding our large rolling suitcases (note to self: pack in a duffle bag next time), our hearts sink as we realize every food joint in our near proximity is closing. It’s 8pm here. We’re jetlagged, confused, and hungry.

We push aside the gnawing hunger for now as we locate the apartment building we’ll be staying in for the week with a friend. We chuck our bags in his… humble abode and journey back into the relentless, still-blazing sun in search of cuisine. All we find at this hour on a weeknight (in this area) is the gloriously gross TGI Fridays, which I proceed to receive violent food poisoning from later than night.

The apartment is so hot. I’m sharing a full-size bed with my 22-year old brother, and he took all of the covers. Hello New York.